Hello world!

Hello World!

Gontram Architecture is a smallish, commercial architectural firm in Raleigh, NC.  With a handful of employees, we serve all of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.  We do a lot of everything, and try not to do too much of any one thing.  Life is too short not to keep it interesting.  That is precisely why we’ve decided to start a Blog.

We have an interactive Web site (www.gontramarchitecture.com).  We have issued informative newsletters.  We send out releases from time to time.  But nothing we’ve done allows us to quickly and succinctly get news and commentary to our friends as quickly as a blog.

So, here we are.  Our goal is simple:  to provide interesting and informative content in a quick and convenient format.

We’ll be posting on a number of topics:  design issues, environmental principles, code regulations (yawn), and others.  We may even insert a rant on a certain sports-related topic as we may need a mental health venting occasionally.

To make this endeavor as productive and quality-rich as possible, we strongly encourage you to leave comments – good or bad.  We want to hear from you!


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