How to Construct a Snowman

Since the inception of Gontram Architecture, we’ve been creating our own custom Holiday Greeting Cards, each year featuring a different project. You can see examples of these HERE.

For 2009, however, we decided to do something a bit more fun, saving a few trees and some fossil fuels along the way.

A short film entitled, “How to Construct a Snowman, A Zoning Enforcement Officer’s Perspective” was born. Follow Ned Ledbetter as he describes the “process” for properly permitting a snowman. This is a light-hearted jab at the tremendous (and often over-bearing) process that Gontram Architecture navigates on a daily basis.

You can view the video HERE.

A special “thanks” goes to Dave Schulz of Schulz Ironworks for providing the voice of Ned.

One thought on “How to Construct a Snowman

  1. Love it. Laughing like crazy here.

    Sadly, the process you describe is far too close to the real thing. Although, you forgot about the part where it helps to contribute to various political campaigns prior to daring to ask for approval on a project.

    Happy Holidays

    Larry P

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