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The “Madness” is underway!  (Check back here often as we’ll be giving updates whenever possible. Or, simply “subscribe” to the blog on the right, and you’ll get these posts automatically via e-mail.)

In the average calendar year, there are but a few things that get me giddy:  Christmas, first home game for NC State Football, and the first day of the NCAA Tournament.  So, I am actually giddy this morning.  And, giddy makes me obnoxious, I’m told.

With 766 entries in this year’s GA Pool, it is amazing how many stupid and naive people there are in this thing.  Nevermind the many of you that are actually trying to lose so you get the horse’s butt trophy.  80+ of you actually believe that Duke is going to win it all.  I have them gone before the end of the 1st weekend.

The overwhelming choice for Champion is Kansas with almost half of the entries picking them to win it all.  Kentucky was a distant second, and Duke (cough) coming in 3rd.  We’ll see.

Now, there are those that will point out that I have not done so well myself in past Pools.  However, with this being the first day of the tournament and I have not made ANY wrong picks yet (as no games have been played yet), then I am taking this opportunity to express my opinion that most of you do not have a clue.  And THAT is precisely why one of you will win, and I will end up in 658th Place.

Some of you have, in the past, expressed your opinion that the rules are a bit nuts:  points awarded for correct picks are calculated by multiplying the round # times the seed #.  In other words, if the #13 seed wins in the 2nd round, you actually get 26 points added to your total for that correct pick.  Most other pools out there will only award 13 points, or 2 points, or some other number that is a lot less than 26.  Some have thought that entrants are overly compensated for picking upsets.  Nonsense.  The beauty of the NCAA Tournament is that Cinderella Story’s happen.  And, belief in Cinderella should be rewarded.

One gripe that may actually lead to the enactment of a new rule for next year:  If your handwriting is worse than my 3rd grader, you are NOT allowed to fax in your picks.  Even when I know that you had to have picked one of two possible teams, and I STILL cannot read your handwriting – that’s bad.

Good luck to all!  Check out the Reports on our Web site to follow along with the standings, results, etc.

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