Gontram Architecture’s NCAA Pool – Day 1 complete

Day 1 is complete and I’m still trying to catch my breath…

Georgetown and Vanderbilt are going home.  Villanova had to scratch and claw against Robert Morris in OT to advance.  BYU has to endure double overtime against Florida, but prevails in the end.  Washington ousts Marquette.  And, just like that, many brackets are trashed.

Joe Stewart (with an amazing 15 of 16 picks) currently sits in 1st place with Denise Lee (14 of 16) in 2nd.  For the rest of you, don’t worry.  History has shown that the initial standings, similar to preseason rankings, are about as reliable as a Yugo.

While I was successful with some upsets, I was not successful enough as I am currently sitting in 271st place.  

Check out the Reports section on our Web site for more details.

More salt in the wound:  My 3rd grader is in 7th place, having only missed 2 picks.  She used an interesting system to make her selections:  Regardless of conference affiliation, national ranking, etc., she simply picked the team with the better regular season record.  When they were the same, she went with the higher seed.  She doesn’t know squat about basketball other than NC State makes Daddy terribly emotional, and UNC and Duke both suck.

Continued good luck to all!

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