Gontram Architecture’s NCAA Pool – Elite 8 is now set

Round 3 is now complete!  Still left to battle it out for a Final Four spot:  Kentucky, West Virginia, Butler, Kansas State, Duke, Baylor, Michigan State and Tennessee.

With my bracket now only suitable for fish wrap or bird cage liner, I am LOVING the fact that #1 and #2 seeds have dropped like flies.  What happened to the Big East?  Come on #5 and #6 seeds!!

So, as we enter the Elite 8 Round, James Atwell leads the pack in 1st Place in the Pool, followed by John Talbert and Craig Borsack are tied for 2nd.  Judy Talbert rounds out the field in 767th Place.

Check out the Reports to get specific information.  Who will win the iPad?  The Kindle?  The iPods?

Again, special thanks go to our sponsors for donating these fantastic prizes:

  • Apple iPad from Engineered Construction Company
  • Amazon Kindle from Atlantec Engineers
  • Apple iPod Nano (v1) from Enthalpy Analytical
  • Apple iPod Shuffle from Gontram Architecture and G5 Design-Build
  • NCAA Flags from WindDesigns – The Flag Shop.
  • T-shirts from Gontram Architecture
  • Horse’s Butt trophy for Last Place
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