GA NCAA Pool underway, Obama leads

The NCAA Tournament is in full swing, and my bracket is bloody red with all of the wishful thinking.  Once again, my kids are kicking my butt.  Click HERE to follow the action.

As a special experiment this year, we’ve included a bracket for “President Barack Obama.”   We found his actual picks online and punched them in ourself – we don’t actually mean to suggest that he entered our Pool.  No kidding, but he’s actually in 1st Place.  (Insert your favorite political joke here.)

As a 2nd experiment, we entered another bracket called “Coin Flip.”   This bracket was produced with the flip of a coin.  Heads went to the team on top, tails to the team on the bottom.  “Coin Flip” is also kicking my butt.  Looks like I have a new method for picking teams next year.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you used a less-than-scientific method for making your picks.

Good luck!

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