NCAA Pool News, Obama drops to 10th

The Sweet Sixteen is over, and Duke and Ohio State are headed home.  That fact alone means that 479 entrants in Gontram Architecture’s Annual NCAA Pool picked the wrong Champion.  “President Barack Obama” drops to 10th, but still has Kansas alive.  “Coin Flip” is in 178th.

Click HERE to follow the action.

Once again, my family is kicking my butt.  This time, I may have to consider making some scoring adjustments to next year’s Pool.

Prime example:  Just a week ago, I was giving my son all kinds of grief for picking Belmont to go all the way.  “Really, Belmont?!  What were you thinking?”  He “claimed” that he had shown me his picks earlier, and that I had approved, but I have no recollection of that (the TV may have been on at the time).

Anyway, the kid (with a 55% pick percentage) is currently sitting in 3rd Place!!  I am putting in an “impressive” showing at 842nd (with a 48% pick percentage).

Turns out, he got some big points early by picking some upsets (hint-hint for next year).  That coupled with the fact that a lot of “chalk” picks have fallen out in earlier rounds has propelled him and others to unparalleled heights.

A special thanks to for the great prizes from Pool sponsors:

Stay tuned!

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