Final Four is Set…Brackets are Busted

The Final Four is set!  UConn, Kentucky, Butler and VCU are headed to Houston.  Hardly anyone had one or two of these teams in their Final Four, let alone all of them. Evidence of that fact is only 62 of 889 entrants in Gontram Architecture’s Annual NCAA Pool have ANY chance to pick up points moving forward.  Most have already maxed out their points.

In fact, out of 5.9 million entrants in ESPN’s pool, only 2 still have their Final Four intact!

In our pool, a youngster named “Shark” (from Wilmington, of course) has taken over 1st Place, and has clinched a minimum of 2nd Place.  Poor MaryAnn Peterson has clinched Last Place.  Interestingly, MaryAnn did not try to come in Last, but managed to beat out several with the goal of taking home the horse’s butt trophy.

“President Barack Obama” drops to 17th, and has no points left to obtain.  “Coin Flip” is in 209th.

Click HERE to follow the action.

A special thanks to for the great prizes from Pool sponsors:

Stay tuned!

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