Gontram Architecture's Pool is Over! Prizes Awarded…

And, with a whimper, it’s over.  Somewhat disappointing Tournament this year, as I believe college basketball in general is down.  UConn takes Butler in an abysmal shooting exhibition.  19 GA Pool contestants picked that one correctly.

Congratulations to Joey Murphy, who finishes in 1st Place to capture the Apple iPad2 from Atlantec Engineers and the bobble head trophy!

Shark Baynard came in 2nd to win the Apple iPod Touch from C.E. Ham Electric.

Porter Hand came in 3rd to win the Apple iPod Nano from Harris Structural Design.

Corey Murphy comes in 4th and wins the $100 Dicks Sporting Goods Gift Card from Floorscape NC, Inc.

Tom Mabe places 5th Apple iPod Shuffle from Gontram Architecture and G5 Design-Build

Kristy Dominique finished in 6th to win the Full-size flag from WindDesigns – The Flag Shop.

Other prizes also awarded, as shown in the final standings.

MaryAnn Peterson rounds out the field in 889th Place, and is the newest recipient of a horse’s butt bobble head trophy. Interestingly, MaryAnn did not try to come in Last, but managed to beat out several with the goal of taking home the horse’s butt trophy.

A few notable experiments this year:  President Barak Obama finishes in a respectable 23rd Place, while “Coin Flip” comes in 233rd.

The host, of course, gets waxed by just about everyone who tried to win this year, coming in 846th.  Nice.

Thanks to everyone for playing! A special thanks goes to our Sponsors for donating the fantastic prizes! For a complete list of prizes, click HERE.

Click HERE to see the final results.

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