New NC Codes coming soon! (again!)

It seems like just yesterday that we had a new version of the Code to deal with.  Well, hold on to your butts, because here we go again.

After much squabbling amongst legislators, home builders, code officials, et al, we appear to finally have a set of approved Codes in North Carolina.

The 2012 NC Codes are based on the 2009 International Codes issued by the International Code Council.  Most volumes became effective (available to be used on voluntary basis) in September of 2011.  That means that they could have been used, but weren’t mandatory until 2012.

Effective Dates for the 2012 Codes and 2011 NC Electrical Code

NC Code Effective Date Mandatory Effective Date
2012 Building Code 9/1/2011 6/1/2012
2011 Electrical 6/1/2012
2012 Fire 9/1/2011 6/1/2012
2012 Fuel Gas 9/1/2011 6/1/2012
2012 Mechanical 9/1/2011 6/1/2012
2012 Plumbing 9/1/2011 6/1/2012
2012 Administration 9/1/2011 6/1/2012
2012 Energy Conserv. 1/1/2012 3/1/2012
2012 Residential 1/1/2012 3/1/2012


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