NCAA Pool Underway – Many Wannabe Losers

Gontram Architecture’s annual NCAA Pool is underway!  A record 969 entries are being tracked.

A few observations:

As for the top picks, Kentucky is the favorite with 409 people expecting the Wildcats to win it all.  Next in line are 238 delusional individuals who think North Carolina will be Champs.  (I have them losing in the 1st round.  I think I’m more right than wrong.)

In the 8th spot for most popular Champ pick is the NC State Wolfpack.  23 intelligent people have the Pack winning it all.  (More people picked State to win it all than Duke!)  Odds are pretty slim on this one, but with our long hiatus from the Tourney, how could we not pick them?  It feels good to be hopeful again.

On the opposite end (pun intended), 9 or 10 contestants seem to be intentionally trying to “win” the Last Place Prize – the coveted Horses Butt trophy.  Unfortunately, trying to come in Last Place is pretty difficult to do, as a few recent Last Place winners can attest (they were actually trying to win the Pool).

Anyway, thanks to all for playing.  And thanks to our sponsors for contributing these great prizes:

And, if you didn’t get entered this year, please check back next December for our annual NCAA Bowl Game Pick ‘Em Pool.

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