Michael Jordan Nissan Preview

Existing dealership.

Michael Jordan Nissan is an existing automotive dealership in Durham, NC.  It has been in need of renovation for many years.  In 2008, the Owner hired Gontram Architecture to design an extensive renovation to comply with Nissan USA requirements.  Of course, since that was pre-recession times, the proposed renovation was pretty substantial.  The project was bid out to several invited General Contractors, but the project never proceeded from that point.  The recession hit the “next day.”The project was shelved for several years until earlier this year.  Once revived, the Owner had learned of our ability to provide Design-Build services, and much preferred that process to the contentious Bid and Construction phases that accompany the more traditional Design-Bid-Build process.

Gontram Architecture and Ten Penny Construction have teamed up to provide this project to via the Design-Build Process.

We will be chronicling the progress of the project here.