Michael Jordan Nissan – 023

Demolition continues

Demolition continues

Rain and snow this week has hampered progress on the exterior.  Meanwhile, demolition was completed on the next phase of Showroom and Sales Office construction.

Wall layout was completed for the new restrooms.  A few interesting problems presented themselves when reviewing the layout for the new plumbing which requires saw-cutting the concrete slab, excavating the soil, laying new pipe, and patching back the slab.  One was the issue of continued occupancy of adjacent office space.  The new line serving the new bathrooms had only two options:

  • Run it down the corridor next to occupied office, thereby denying access to and from the office for a week
  • Run it through the office, thereby eliminating occupancy altogether.
Layout of underslab plumbing

Layout of underslab plumbing

Either way, the office had to be vacated.  Once again, the folks at Michael Jordan Nissan were very understanding about the fluid nature of renovation construction!

Saw-cutting begins on Monday.

Electrical service change-over occurs this Sunday.  Big day!

This project is being delivered through an Architect-led Design-Build process with Gontram Architecture and Ten Penny Construction, Inc.

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