Sigma Nu – NCSU – 003

Footings underway

Footings underway

046 048This week, it’s foundation work.  Unsuitable soils, trash, asphalt, etc. was discovered below grade in some areas of the site and it is being dealt with quickly.  In some areas, up to six feet had to be undercut below the bottom of the footing elevation and replaced with #57 stone.  Once undercut, the subgrade will be capable of supporting 2500 pounds per square foot.

In one area of the footing excavation, an unmarked water line (6″ DIP) was discovered.  This is believed to be an old water line from the old Fraternity Court road that was demolished during the Greek Village redevelopment.  That water line is currently being investigated by NC State University.  It is believed (and hoped) to be abandoned and can easily be removed.

Footing pour began on Tuesday and will continue through the rest of the week.

Retaining wall formwork will begin to go up later this week.

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