Gontram Architecture’s NCAA Pool – Update

GANCAAgifThe 2013 NCAA Tournament is creating the same madness it does every year.  Upsets, last second buzzer beaters, high-flying dunks and questionable calls are giving a large percentage of fans fits.  We hate it and love it at the same time.  (Personally, I find the Round of 64 much more entertaining than the Super Bowl.)

Gontram Architecture’s Annual NCAA Basketball Pool is well underway!  And, just so you know, my personal bracket is toast.  My blind allegiance has, once again, cost me any shot to finish in the top third.  That said, I hereby pledge to never pick NC State to win another bracket game – ever!  It’s not that I don’t believe they’ll win, but am simply trying to change up the “mo-jo” for next year.  When they do win it all, I will take some credit by NOT picking them.

A couple of other thoughts regarding our Pool:

  • When my 11-year-old daughter was in 1st Place for a while on Friday (thanks to her “blind squirrel finding a nut” pick in Harvard), many of you wrote or called to protest, alleging conspiracy.  Funny that some of you I suspect have entered multiple entries under aliases, thereby causing a future conspiracy if you end up placing.
  • Again, multiple entrants have entered with the intent of coming in Last Place, hoping to secure the horse’s butt bobble head trophy.  With the large number of high seed upsets in the last round, those folks may be disappointed.
  • Finally, 1,019 entrants is a new record for our Pool!  Many thanks to all who entered!  And, an extra big “Thanks!” to all of the sponsors who help us put on this pool by donating prizes:
  • Apple iPad from C.E. Ham Electric
  • Kindle Fire HD from Atlantec Engineers
  • Google Nexus 7 from Gontram Architecture and G5 Design-Build
  • Apple iPod Nano from Ten Penny Construction, Inc.
  • Bosch laser distance measurer from Floorscape NC, Inc.
  • Apple TV from Harris Structural Design.
  • NCAA Flags from WindDesigns – The Flag Shop.
  • T-shirts from Gontram Architecture
  • Horse’s Butt trophy for Last Place

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