Sigma Nu – NCSU – 010

Steel beam swings into place.

Steel beam swings into place.

The Sigma Nu Fraternity House project at North Carolina State University appears to be picking up some steam.  For over 2 months, the project has been toiling underground, with only recent vertical construction with the concrete masonry stair tower and elevator shaft.  The basement retaining wall was poured several weeks ago, but it also blends with the natural grade of the site.

Structural steel erection underway.

Structural steel erection underway.

Now, as of this week, structural steel work is underway!  Columns were set yesterday.  Beams were tied in today.  Tomorrow, the composite deck work will begin.

In combination with the structural steel work, the steel stairs are being installed in the stair tower.  That work should be complete this week.

Now, it’s starting to look like something!

Steel pan stairs underway

Steel pan stairs underway

For more information on the project, please check out our Website.

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