Gontram Architecture’s NCAA Pool – Final Four is Set!

GANCAAgifWell, the Final Four is set.  #1 Louisville, #4 Syracuse, #4 Michigan, and #9 Wichita State are headed to the Final Four in Atlanta, GA.  If you are like me, the first couple of rounds are a whole lot more entertaining than the last (from a basketball standpoint).

Of course, I could have done without that grewsome injury to Kevin Ware (Louisville) today.  That was very Theisman-like.

As for Gontram Architecture’s Annual NCAA Basketball Pool, this year has been worth more than the price of admission (FREE).  First, my 11-year old daughter dominated 1st place for most of the 1st weekend, prompting all kinds of phone calls and emails with accusations of conspiracy.  Well, she has now faded and doesn’t figure to place, so you people can relax.

Second, my bracket turned into a dumpster fire halfway through Day 1, so since then I’ve been rooting for underdogs and having a ball.  Bad officiating has no effect on you when you have no skin in the game.  It’s just funny.

Third, many familiar names have risen and fallen and risen again in the standings.  Some new faces have done quite well, while other Pool “veterans” seem to be on their “B” game this year.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the standings in 1,019th Place, stands Phil Hocutt who clinched Last Place and horse’s butt trophy in advance of the Final Four.  Phil will tell you that the deadline snuck up on him and he did not have time to do his usual research of RPI ranking, strength of schedule, wins on the road, etc.  Still, he “outlost” many who were intentionally trying to lose.

Many thanks to all who entered!  And, an extra big “Thanks!” to all of the sponsors who help us put on this pool by donating prizes:

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