Sigma Nu – NCSU – 030

Dropped soffits in Alumni Library

Dropped soffits in Alumni Library

The interior of the new Sigma Nu Fraternity House at North Carolina State University is changing drastically on a daily basis.  As sheetrock is installed, interior volumes of space become more defined, giving visitors a more accurate representation of the final interior architecture.

Dropped soffits have been framed around the perimeter of the Alumni Library and other spaces.

Stained concrete samples

Stained concrete samples

In the elevator machine room on the 1st floor, stained concrete samples have been laid down for selection purposes.  Along with the stain, some paint has been applied as a test.  The Sigma Nu badge will be artistically inlaid on the 2nd floor, just inside the main entrance.  The concrete stains and test paint will be sealed in two different top coats (also for selection purposes) next week.

Electrical panels

Electrical panels

The electrical panels are installed in hopes of obtaining permit power soon.

Completion date is tentatively scheduled for mid-December of 2013.  For more information on the project, please check out our Website.

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