Sigma Nu – NCSU – 031

Mother Nature is determined to delay completion of the Sigma Nu Fraternity House at North Carolina State University.  Three (3) inches of rain fell this past Sunday and washed out much of the final grading work recently performed.

The good news is that water did not enter the building from around the perimeter.  Additionally, the roof drainage worked as intended, and no water exited through the emergency overflows (all was adequately handled through the main drainage).

Officer's bedroom - 9/5/13.

Officer’s bedroom – 9/5/13.

Officer's bedroom - 6/6/13.

Officer’s bedroom – 6/6/13.

The "after" image for the same bedroom.

The “after” image for the same bedroom.

Sheetrock installation continues on the interior.  Scaffolding is being constructed in the main Lobby area so the sheetrock can be hung in the 45′ high lantern area.

Completion date is tentatively scheduled for mid-December of 2013.  For more

information on the project, please check out our Website.

Duct bank installation underway.

Duct bank installation underway.

Scaffolding in Lobby.

Scaffolding in Lobby.

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