NC Retail Merchants Association – 008

Ceiling grid installed on 1st floor.

Ceiling grid installed on 1st floor.

Painting, ceiling grid, and carpet work has begun in various areas of the NC Retail Merchants Association project in downtown Raleigh, NC.  With a month and a half to go before turning over the building to its new owners, a few interesting obstacles have popped up.

Repair work on an existing brick wall (16″ thick) that was recently discovered and exposed begins tomorrow.  This pleasant surprise will add some architectural “pop” to the 2nd floor, but is pushing the schedule a bit.

Prime paint installed on 1st floor.

Prime paint installed on 1st floor.

Also, a few pesky rainwater leaks had gone away, but have now returned with today’s torrential rain storm.  We are going to have to do some investigation as their origin is not obvious.  In downtown Raleigh, these buildings are slammed against one another, so the exterior walls are not readily accessible at the point of entry.  Water that enters the building may have traveled a long way before entering the building.

Painting began with earnest this week.  Ceiling grid work continues on the 1st floor.  HVAC and Electrical work is finishing up on the 2nd floor.

Construction is slated to be complete by June 30th.  Because of the accelerated schedule, the design-build process made the most sense to NCRMA.  Gontram Architecture and Ten Penny Construction have once again teamed up for this unique Design-Build opportunity.  As a single-source delivery method, we control budget and schedule, taking a lot of the usual Owner-associated worry out of the project.

Carpet complete in Basement.

Carpet complete in Basement.

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