Happy Holidays from Gontram Architecture!

A sincere “Happy Holidays” from Gontram Architecture to you!  As part of our annual holiday tradition, we’ve produced another episode in a long series of “odd” animated videos:How_to_Construct_A_Snowman_6-01

How to Construct a Snowman – Part 6 – Fun in the Snow…With Zoning!

This definitely falls under the “Other nonsense” category…

In Part 6 of our “How to Construct a Snowman” video series, Ned Ledbetter embarks on a new strategy to reach the masses: a Video Blog. Join Ned as he updates the public on recent weather events, changes to field inspections, and other items of interest. He also dives in to the world of Twitter.How_to_Construct_A_Snowman_6-03

A special “thanks” goes to Dave Schulz of Schulz Ironworks for providing the voice of Ned.

View the video HERE.

You can also view Part 1 thru 5:How_to_Construct_A_Snowman_6-02

Part I – How to Construct a Snowman: A Zoning Enforcement Officer’s Perspective

Part II – How to Construct a Snowman: The Design-Bid-Build Process

Part III – How to Construct a Snowman: Financing a Snowman with Hot Chocolate.

Part IV:  How to Construct a Snowman:  Navigating the Politics

Part V: How to Construct a Snowman: Lighting your Snowman

If having trouble viewing the YouTube version, try the Flash version in a new window. Flash Player is required. Free download available at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.

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