Gontram Architecture

Gontram Architecture was established in 1998 to provide clients with a more flexible delivery of architectural services, emphasizing cost control, contract administration and design excellence. We provide services that meet schedules, and design projects within budget. We realize the client’s interests and make them our own.

We began this blog in November of 2009 as a way to get current information out about recent events and other topics we feel would be of interest to the general public, our clients, consultants and other folks in the design and construction industry.  Sometimes, we simply feel the need to vent.

Any and all comments are welcome and encouraged.  We want to provide quality content, so if you have any ideas, let us know.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Gontram Architecture

  1. Came across your Holiday zoning enforcement greeting. Very clever! There’s that grain of truth (maybe more than a grain) underlying it.

    We’d like to feature this greeting on our PlannersWeb blog. Is there a version we could use & embed as a video — or we could just post a link to it, along with a still image from it. We’ll add a link to your firm’s web site as well.

    If you’re OK with this, let me know. Also, could you tell me who prepared it, and what inspired it? Have you gotten any reactions to it?

    Thanks so much — humor is too often lacking in planning & zoning and your video greeting was fun to watch.

    Wayne Senville
    Editor, Planning Commissioners Journal

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